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Thigh Lift

Loss of muscle mass, sagging skin, and various genetic factors can all affect the appearance and contours of your thighs. Once skin begins to lose elasticity, it can be extremely difficult to regain the firm and tight skin you used to have even with diet and exercise. Dr. Alan Larsen can perform a thigh lift in Atlanta to help your legs have slim and youthful contours while tightening the excess skin.

The thigh lift is most common with female patients, as well as men and women who have lost a large amount of weight and were left with excess folds of skin along the thighs. It is important to note that a thigh lift is not designed to address excess fat, but Dr. Larsen can perform it along with liposuction, as needed. The main goal of thigh lift surgery is to reduce excess skin that causes poor contours of the legs, and should only be performed once a healthy, stable weight has been reached. Many patients combine thigh lift with a body lift for more a significant enhancement.

Thigh Lift Surgery Next Steps

If you think a thigh lift may be the right surgery for you, we invite you to give our office a call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Larsen.

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, the price of your thigh lift will start at $14,000. Click here for more information on financing your thigh lift surgery.

“My surgeon did a great job and I have told everyone I know about my fabulous results. Having this surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself.”*
*Your results may vary.
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Preparing for Thigh Lift Surgery

Dr. Larsen marks the upper portion of the thigh preoperatively. The specifics of your procedure will be customized to your unique situation. In the operating room, the marked area is infiltrated with a sterile saline solution containing a local anesthetic as well as an epinephrine solution to cut down on any bleeding or bruising. The skin is then carefully lifted and pulled into the desired position as Dr. Larsen then works to remove excess or loose skin. The deep tissues are approximated with sutures to improve the contours of your thighs. All of the sutures are beneath the skin and will not have to be removed. Your incisions are then closed and a compression garment is placed over your legs to start firming and re-contouring your new, lifted thighs.

After Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift recovery will require plenty of rest and some time away from work and other activities. The buttocks will be tender, and there is usually mild to moderate swelling or edema in the thigh and lower leg. This swelling usually starts to resolve within about five days of surgery with proper leg elevation.

Pain medications can typically control any tenderness very well, and most patients stop taking pain medication after about 3-5 days. A compression garment is worn for 6-8 weeks after surgery. This helps re-establish the contours and decrease swelling. It may also decrease healing time while adding comfort.

You will likely notice an immediate change in the look and feel of your thighs and legs once your surgery with Dr. Larsen is complete. As your body continues to heal, your legs will improve and the skin will feel tighter and firmer than before your surgery. The full results of thigh lift surgery are normally apparent after about 3-6 months, at which time your legs will appear slimmer and more youthful.

Thigh Lift Price:

Starting at: $14,000

Frequently Asked Questions about Thigh Lift

What is a Thigh Lift?2020-04-14T13:35:08-04:00

Thigh Lift surgery sometimes called Thighplasty is a very common plastic surgery procedure for both men and women. Thigh lift surgery is a surgical procedure that reshapes the thighs by removing and smoothing excess fat, removing excess skin, and better proportioning the curves of the lower body. 

If you have tried to achieve your optimal body image with diet and exercise and haven’t been successful because of your genetics or your body type or then a thigh lift might be a good option for you. Or if your goals are to have a firmer more youthful appearance, thigh lifts can be very helpful. Most patients who have undergone a thigh lift surgery have found that they feel more confident, their clothes fit better, and they feel more comfortable in their skin. 

Contrary to popular belief thigh lifts are not simply a fat removal surgery. In some cases, liposuction alone can be used to remove excess fat on the thighs and lower body. Whether or not a thigh lift is needed is determined by a plastic surgeon like Dr. Larsen and is based on the elasticity of your skin. 

The best way to determine if this surgery is right for you is by calling our office and booking your consultation. Dr. Larsen will listen to your questions, present you with the best options for your optimal results, and help you understand exactly what the procedure and recovery will entail for you. We have an incredible medical team that wants to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. We even have financing options available for you. 

Feel free to read our reviews of what other patients have said about this procedure, most have found the recovery to be easy. Thigh lifts are one of the few plastic surgeries where results are visible on the same day as the procedure. We are sure you will not be disappointed, call us today and book your consultation now!

Am I a Good Candidate for this surgery?2020-04-14T13:37:48-04:00

If the following describes you, you might be a good candidate for thigh lift surgery.

  • You are a non-smoker
  • You are in good general health
  • You are unhappy with the contours of your thighs 
  • You have been unable to achieve the results you want with diet and exercise
  • You have realistic expectations for what surgery can provide
How much does thigh lift surgery cost?2022-06-21T12:55:39-04:00

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery this procedure starts at $14,000 with financing options available.

What is involved in this procedure?2020-04-14T13:41:31-04:00

This is an outpatient surgery performed under general anesthesia. The locations of the incisions are based on your body composition, your specific aesthetic preferences, and the amount of change desired. Typically an incision is made at the groin and extending downward and wrapping around the thigh. Alternatively, sometimes an incision is made at the groin extending down to the knee. Some patients might be able to have this procedure with a minimal incision at the groin. 

Dr. Larsen will choose the best incision for your optimal results. Excess fat will be removed with the liposuction procedure; new contours will be smoothed, and excess skin will be removed. In some cases, deep tissue incisions are made to better support the new contours created with surgery. Then the incisions are closed with sutures or surgical tape. Some scarring will occur but Dr. Larsen will do everything in his power to keep it to a minimum.

What is the recovery for thigh lift surgery like?2020-04-14T13:44:47-04:00

You will likely wake up from surgery with surgical dressings on. Sometimes compression garments or bandages are applied to reduce swelling. Depending on the incisions used during your surgery small plastic tubes might be placed around your incisions to drain away excess fluid to keep swelling to a minimum. 

You will be sent home with post-op instructions including how to care for your incisions, and what to be aware of for optimal healing, and when to follow up with your surgeon. Usually, the sutures are removed within 2 weeks of your surgery. You will need to make lifestyle modifications as your body heals. Swelling, bruising and soreness are a normal part of the recovery for this procedure. 

It is recommended that you wear compression garments during the first few weeks of your healing to help keep swelling to a minimum. Pain medication is usually prescribed for the first few days to help manage discomfort. After the first few days, pain is usually easily managed with an over the counter anti-inflammatory. 

You will not be able to swim, use a bathtub, or a hot tub until you receive clearance from Dr. Larsen. Although you should be able to shower 48 hours after your surgery. Most patients are able to return to work after 7-10 days and can return to physical activity after 4-6 weeks. (with Dr. Larsen’s approval first of course) 

While some scarring is unavoidable from this procedure every effort will be taken to keep them in the natural creases of the body and the ones that remain will fade over time. 

What are the results of a thigh lift?2020-04-14T14:37:42-04:00

The results of this procedure are visible immediately after the surgery but full results become visible after the swelling goes down. Technically the results from this surgery are considered permanent. (Because the removal of excess skin and fat is permanent).

However, no surgery can stop the aging process or help you maintain your weight or fitness level. The best way to protect your investment is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not smoking, eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising are the best ways to maintain your health and manage your weight.

Why Choose Buckhead Plastic Surgery for My Thigh Lift Surgery?2020-04-14T14:13:43-04:00

Dr. Larsen is a double board-certified plastic surgeon. He’s led a long and decorated career and has a fantastic reputation for his surgical skill and his compassionate bedside manner. He’s trained with some of the best surgeons in the world and assembled an incredible team of medical professionals to provide the best care possible to his patients. Book your consultation today and see what kind of difference this procedure can make for you. You will not be disappointed.

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Alan N. Larsen, MD.

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Dr. Larsen established Buckhead Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Larsen’s compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.

The beautiful staff at Buckhead Plastic Surgery and LUX Med Spa. Centered is Dr. Alan N Larsen, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
About | Buckhead Plastic Surgery-northeast Atlanta | Plastic Surgery

Alan N. Larsen, MD.Double Board-Certified Atlanta Plastic SurgeonDr. Larsen established Buckhead Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Larsen’s compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.

The beautiful staff at Buckhead Plastic Surgery and LUX Med Spa. Centered is Dr. Alan N Larsen, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
About | Buckhead Plastic Surgery-northeast Atlanta | Plastic Surgery

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